About our small brand 


Untouched Foods is a small vegan brand which makes small batches of delicious chickpea fudge. We are the ONLY ones to make it and it is like nothing you will have tried before!


Our focus is on simplicity and quality, and we use only four natural ingredients in our fudges, the first of those being chickpeas! Nonetheless our bars are indulgent and have a fantastic texture, whilst being both healthy and filling. Free of all allergens, GMOs, preservatives, additives or refined sugar, you won't need to think twice! At Untouched, we like to keep things simple and delicious.


All of our fudges are free from:  

- Gluten 

- GMO Ingredients

- Dairy

- Nuts

- Soya

- Additives 

- Preservatives 

- Refined sugars  


Each of our fudges has its own unique blend of no more than 4 ingredients! 

This is where our motto "Pure and Simple" originated.